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Multiple Sclerosis IVD: Improved Stability of REP-Antigen and Solid Data re Discrimination (i.a. Acute/Non-acute MS).

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ORYX-Alpha identified a highly innovative translational project from Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, Heidelberg, in the field of Multiple Sclerosis and developed it in preclinical studies.

The Company is the exclusive licensee of the respective translational project and related intellectual property and has established close collaborations with scientific institutions and leading experts.

ORYX-Alpha is headed by Dr. Bernard Huber, a molecular biologist and patent attorney who has been involved in setting up several biotech companies. The Company was founded in 2010 and is financed by highly motivated private investors.


Prof. Harald zur Hausen, Nobel Laureate in Medicine 2008, discovered that bovine meat and milk consumption is correlated with Multiple Sclerosis1,2. Further research showed that bovine serum and milk as well as Multiple Sclerosis brains contain specific infectious agents, subsequently termed Bovine Meat and Milk Factors (BMMF)3-7.

BMMF are bioactive8 single-stranded circular DNA molecules encoding a conserved replication initiator protein (REP-protein)9,10. This protein is found in lesions of Multiple Sclerosis brains and Multiple Sclerosis patients show high antibody titers against it11.

Based on this discovery, ORYX-Alpha has developed an innovative Bridging ELISA to quantify the antibody levels against the REP-protein in serum.

The Bridging ELISA comprises a capture antigen and a tracer antigen, wherein the antigens are different REP-oligomers. It was validated and showed a Specificity of 92% and a Sensitivity of 80%12.

The Bridging ELISA allows the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in serum. Further, our data indicates that it has also the potential for Early Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, Disease Monitoring, Therapy Monitoring and as Companion Diagnostic11.


ORYX-Alpha has established close collaborations with leading scientific institutions and individuals. These include inter alia:

• Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, Heidelberg;
Prof. Harald zur Hausen and Prof. Ethel-Michele de Villiers

• Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm; and
Prof. Tomas Olsson and Prof. Hans Grönlund

• Technische Universität München, München.
Prof. Bernhard Hemmer and Prof. Ulrike Protzer


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